Communication Workshops and Intensives

Looking for a resultsBen Applebaum-focused communication workshop or one day to one week intensive for your colleagues or staff? Do you have professional development needs for your group or organization? We run communication trainings in the New York City area, across the U.S., and with people all over the globe. Our series of workshops bring energy, vision, and clear, actionable takeaways to groups of all sizes.

Our most in-demand workshops and intensives currently include (email [email protected] for fuller descriptions of each offering):

Persuasive Professional Presentations
The Top Managerial and Leadership Communication Practices
The Science of Negotiation: Myths, Truths, and What To Do Now
Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations
Storytelling Strategies for Nonprofits and Businesses
Drafting and Delivering Your Elevator Pitch
Impactful Professional Writing
How to Think Quickly on Your Feet: Applied Improv for Communication Skills
Media Training
Meetings and Other Forms of Torture: New Ways to Facilitate at Work
Conversation and People Skills 3.0
Trustbuilding Organizational and Group Communication
Organizational Advocacy, Stakeholder Strategies, and Social Marketing
Visual Tools for 21st Century Communicators
How to Communicate Across Cultures
What the Best Interviewees Do
Communication with Clients and/or Coworkers
Adding Humor to Your Professional Communication
Shocking Our Systems: Advanced Communication for the Future