The most important moments of our working lives connect directly to the quality of our communication. While communication is the central driver of all that matters to professionals and organizations, many are performing far below their potential in this area, settling for dull presentations that fail to generate buy-in or action from others, a lack of storytelling skills to inspire engagement with a cause, poor leadership and management practices that have people constantly putting out fires, little media training for communicating the importance of strategies and tactics across audiences, an inability to manage conflict or negotiate well, and more.

Instead of working with outdated understandings and less-than-critical practices for communication, we provide the most supported leadership communication skills to take individuals and organizations to their highest levels of performance and results.

Communication Upward was founded by Dr. Don Waisanen to spread the best practices for leadership communication. Based in New York but working throughout the U.S. and world, we have a proven track record of delivering the highest quality, engaging workshops, coaching, and facilitations that equip emerging and established leaders with the tools they need to supercharge their working lives.

Through Communication Upward, Dr. Waisanen and his affiliates are building a movement to elevate the communication skills of professionals at all levels and evolve people’s practices in an “upward” direction across organizations and societies in the process.

Three key values distinguish our approach to professional development:

  • Expert: we run every workshop, coaching, or facilitation with the most quality, prioritized insights from research and practice.
  • Inclusive: we create environments where everyone feels connected and belongs, improving teamwork and the ability to get results.
  • Engaging and Fun: we make sure that interaction, joy, and laughter are threaded through all of our client engagements.

We always tailor our work to clients’ needs and interests, with a commitment to being responsive and flexible, practical and hands-on, and aspirational in putting communication at the center of every challenge and opportunity ahead.

To mobilize our mission and values, Communication Upward offers 1) six core and elective workshops / coaching covering the most in-demand and specialized areas for leadership communication development, respectively, and 2) three forms of expert facilitation for retreats and events.

To learn more about or book a workshop, coaching, or facilitation engagement, email Dr. Waisanen at don@commupward.com