What Our Clients Are Saying

“Don Waisanen provided a hard-hitting, energizing and effective communications program for the IDA Emerging Leaders Fellowship. The perfect balance of technical and interpersonal skills were presented in an interactive environment. The memorable program empowered our fellows to return to their companies and immediately begin implementing all aspects of the week’s training. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect educator to close out the week.”

David Downey
President and CEO, International Downtown Association

“I was excited to have Don as the keynote speaker at the FPWA Center for Leadership Development graduation ceremony. Don came to the table with a collaborative spirit. His presentation relayed current communications trends and inspired our middle management graduates to lead with confidence as effective communicators in the workplace!”

Aleciah Anthony
Member Outreach Coordinator, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies

“Don is a skilled and engaging presenter who exudes great warmth and enthusiasm. His capacity to listen to and understand others allows him to adapt his content and teaching style to deliver maximum results. Because he connects so easily with others, there is always praise for his communications and leadership training from CEOs to supervisors in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.”

Ron Redmond
Executive Director, Church Street Marketplace District

“Don’s style, approach, and knowledge creates a dynamic of positive energy, fun, and engagement. You are left just wanting more of what he has to offer! We are now running our meetings in more effective and engaging ways in our office and I’ve personally become more thoughtful and contemplative about managing my team (asking what they need, want, and overall being more deliberate about managing). One colleague shared how beneficial the lesson of micromanaging was for her and one of her team members because it worked out for both of them. Not only did she get what she needed, but the direct report also learned and was pleased with what she ended up delivering – genius! My biggest takeaway is that when we make more time for the needs of our team, it can yield a mutually beneficial experience – they can be inspired to not just do what was asked, but take it a step further, which can leave us all with a sense of accomplishment.”

Jana King
Program Manager, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

“Once upon a time, I dreaded public speaking. I’m used to being in front of a computer, not in front of an audience. With Don’s guidance, I felt confident and prepared presenting to a room of 150+ for the first time. I enjoyed it so much that I now look forward to more public speaking opportunities. Don is a fantastic coach!”

Abbie Claflin
Senior Researcher, Center for Active Design

“We engaged Dr. Don Waisanen as our keynote speaker for our APRAGNY Fall Conference in New York City, where he spoke on ‘Cutting Edge Communication Tools for Researchers.’   He provided us with a solid framework and the resources to bring our work in nonprofit fundraising research to life for the various audiences we communicate with.  Our members were thrilled with his presentation!”

Bill Powers
President, APRA-GNY

“Dr. Waisanen delivered a stellar keynote presentation to our membership… He provided a plethora of tested communication tools for us to use and presented the information in a clear and concise format. With intelligence and humor, he engaged our audience with relevant tips and insight.”

Kristina Gropper
Research Manager, Pratt Institute

“I loved how the entire class was so hands-on and participatory – it was great to be able to craft up random stories on the fly, an exercise that got my creative juices flowing (something I realized needs constant practice).”

NYC Small Business and Nonprofit Participant
Ben Applebaum Foundation “Storytelling for Small Business and Nonprofits” Master Class